The MythOlogy of Little Brave / by Andrew Yorke

When Little Brave announced the upcoming release of her double EP Myth Ology, I offered to do a review. After all, I did a review of sorts for her album "Wound and Will" a few years back.

It's taken me forever to write up this article. I feel awful about the delay. Never enough time in the day. But let me finally say:

 I love it. I dig it. Confessional and professional, Myth Ology pushes Stephanie's voice into another dimension of intimate solitude.

She divides this project into two discs, each offering a different take on her process and mind. The first (Myth) has all tracks produced in studio, but understand - her hands are all over it. She's a one-woman band. It's sleek. It's clean. Her lyrics require a sense of bravery (unintentional irony). It plays out like a confessional, with absolutely no restraint or remorse. She's takes a dig at the world. She also digs at herself. Rather than coming off as weak, she comes off stronger than ever. Favorites on this disc include "Heart Electric", "To Choose You" and "I Debate My Sexuality".

The second disc (Ology) was recorded in a number of locations including her own home, in front of a fire, and so on. These songs play the most like confessionals from her life, both good and bad. Of the two discs, I prefer this one. Favorites of mine on this disc include "Rainy Debussy", "At Camp" and the alternative version of "Honesty is a Vampire". This disc is suited for a time when you want to cherish your time alone. Rainy days, snowy days, sunny days, lovely days, lonely days - this disc is good for all of them.

To cap off my review, I'd like to share some artwork I created which was a direct result of each track from her first disc. I normally wouldn't do this, but life is spontaneous like that. Her work inspired me to push certain boundaries in my own head. Don't expect Picasso. Just expect honesty.

1. Lupa

The beginning. Stephanie pulls no punches in bringing us into this new world of self-discovery. As I closed my eyes and listened to this track on repeat nearly a hundred times, I imagined a slew of club lights ricocheting off the faces of an endless crowd. They slowly dance to the deep bass and lose themselves in the mist of an uncertain future. It begs for more, in the best way possible.

This artwork I did uses an image of Stephanie. Hopefully, she doesn't mind me borrowing some of her own photography.

2. To Choose You

This song catapults my mind into several places.  As a result, I felt challenged to rip out a few barriers in my mind. It was one of those songs for me. You know what I'm talking about.

I yelled at the top of my lungs for about a minute straight, and I'm sure I pissed off my neighbors. 

3. Heart Electric

 "You know my heart is the darkest cave in the world."

The song itself sounds blissfully heartbroken. It's also my favorite on the disc. It's addictive. It's well…electric.

4. The Devil's Match Lays Dormant

This song screams for expressions of sexuality. Maybe it is more about liberation. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

5. Lights Off

No comment on this one. Just listen.

6. Honesty is a Vampire

The most heartbreaking track on this disc. 

7. I Debate My Sexuality

I hand painted this one. I don't do that very often.

So check out Myth Ology, viral peoples. You're missing out on a hell of ride if you pass this up.

I'd like to end this article of sorts by delivering a message to Stephanie. Buddy, you're a hell of a talent. You like taking risks with your work, be it music, photography and everything in between. Don't stop creating, because it keeps getting better. Please, please, please keep pushing forward.

It's worth it.